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Battlesouls Review & Videos

15th of May 2016 by Dusty Moneky

So for those who don’t know.. A handy friend to cheap skates like me is a RP website called Evolve Terminal which helps developers shout about their up games and gives lowly youtubers like myself a chance to try out new games.

One such game I have recently been playing is Battlesouls which is a MOBA style game By Pixeleap which recently launched F2P on Steam and quickly becoming the number one downloaded game for the day.

So what is all the fuss about. On the same month we had beta’s for big games like Paragon which is essentially the same genre I have to say I much preferred Battlesouls. Simply because it is wonderfully simple!

During a match 2 teams of 5 battle it out to take control of the inhibitor which is located in the centre of maps that are very nicely put together. While a team is in control of the inhibitor they are able to destroy the opposing teams crystals. Once a team has lost 3 crystals the match is over.

Sounds typical MOBA yes? Well something that they added that I am a mega fan off is the ability to switch heros during the match! Basically before a match starts you can choose 3 out of the 5 available heroes which 2 melee, 2 shooty and 1 healer it can be very tough choice! Once you are in game you basically press 1,2 or 3 to choose which one you are using. Now it isn’t as simple as just switch there is a cool down timer for each and when you do switch a special ability is activated, for example when you switch to the healer druid Cornelia she heals all friendlies around her for 250 points. Having this adds a whole dynamic as you don’t know which hero someone is going to pull out at which moment. Now i said at the beginning I loved the game because of it’s simplicity this is because unlike some of the other bigger titles in this genre Pixeleap doesn’t try to be over the top with various additions such as upgradable cards system that just simply breaks the continuity of the game for me and makes things way too over complicated.

Battlesouls is not without it’s faults though. Being a Free to play game the developers have to make their money somehow and I do not grudge them that at all. The options available can be very limiting but I think they have come up with inventive ideas such as portraits for your profile such as flags and funny death scene like turning someone into a cake. They have also added non combat pets, a chicken and a beaver that have some funny backstories and their purpose is basically to jump around and get excited or emotional depending how well you are doing in the match. I really commend them for coming up with fun ways to make money from the F2P that won’t break the game but the prices I feel are maybe a little steep for cosmetic add ons with the pets being $8.99 and while I would love it I couldn’t justify that price when I could get a whole game for the price. I feel they would be best coming up with a premium version that you pay and that gives you access to everything after reaching certain levels.

The next thing I feel that could do with improving is the leveling… There really is no reason for it. You do not gain any extra abilities all you get is the random portraits. I am not sure what i would expect maybe unlock new heroes would be the safest way to go with it or even new abilities to swap about.

So now I feel suitably guilty for picking on the negatives back to one of the MAJOR positives. You do not have to wait for other players to start a game! When you join a server it will be populated by bots which are pretty good at defending and attacking which means there is always a game to be played and all you do when you join a match is take the place of the bots. The down side to the bots and it is something I have mentioned to the developers about how the bots all stay as the games mage hero Baruus it would be great to see them change it up. That aside it is still a really good thing to have the ability to play a match without waiting for extra players.

Over all I think Pixeleap have done a fantastic job with Battlesouls being a company that has come from doing mobile games to this really has set them on a good solid path and with minor tweaks to the game and payment model they could have themselves an extremely well rounded MOBA that will be a great game to play from time to time and not take too seriously in a good way of course!

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